The curb appeal and cleanliness of your property reflects the commitment you have to your customers. Our commercial pressure washing services aim to keep your property looking its best so that you can focus on what you do best.

The Hot Water Difference

The most common cleaning in commercial properties is concrete.  Concrete tends to collect all the dirt, grime & gum from foot traffic as well as fluid spills and leakage from cars: oil stains, tread wear, debris.  Without proper cleaning on a regular basis, your entryways, sidewalks and parking areas can become dirty quickly.  Our hot water pressure cleaning system works wonders on concrete, removing gum, oil and other debris faster than its cold water counterparts, with much better results.

Think about it this way: If you were to spill oil or grease on a piece of clothing, which works best to help wash it out, hot or cold water?  The same applies to pressure washing your property!

Common Commercial Pressure Washing Projects:

      • Buildings : No Problem! At Pressure Kleen, we clean buildings up to 5 stories high.
      • Restaurants : These high traffic businesses demand scheduled cleanings to maintain the cleanliness that their customers have come to expect. Remember: "There’s No Second Chance For A First Impression"
      • Convenience Stores : Not only is appearance important but so is customer safety! It’s not unusual for this ultra high traffic business to have hundreds and many times thousands of customers a day, which also means hundreds or thousands of cars. Oil, grease, antifreeze, and fuel soaked concrete can build up over time to create a huge liability for your company. At Pressure Kleen we use professional grade detergents, and 210 degree hot water to thoroughly clean and brighten concrete.


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