Whether it’s your Home or Business, Concrete cleaning is another low cost method of adding real “Curb Appeal” to your Property.

For Homeowners:

The results are amazing! Dirty, Dull and Dingy concrete is now bright and clean, which in turn, Brightens the whole look of your Home. Rust, Oil & Grease Are No problem, With the use of our “Surface Cleaners” we can clean large areas in no time.

Your driveway deserves to be clean.  Better yet, your family deserves to have a clean driveway.  Why?  Most of the surface dirt on your driveway is composed of  substances that can track into your home and get your family sick.  Dirt, mold, even feces are all items that can be washed away with a driveway cleaning.  Pressure Kleen goes one step further by using hot water!  Our hot water driveway cleaning equipment makes all the difference in your home's curb appeal and the safety of your family.Only Pressure Washing Can Give You Results Like This!

For Business Owners:

The outside appearance of your business should reflect the pride and appearance of the inside of your business. Having your concrete cleaned is not only a Safety and Maintenance issue, but also a Health issue as well. Chewing Gum, Soda Spills, Fuel, Oil & Grease, are no match for 200 degree heat and the high pressure of our equipment. We also offer a variety of scheduled maintenance plans to suit your business needs, including Weekly, Bi-Monthly, 30, 60, and 90 day Services.


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