With strategic application and a proven-effective approach, our team is proud to bring the best rust removal solutions to your property.

We Banish Rust From Your Property For Good!

Rust Stains: Unwelcome on Your Property

Orange streaks, red stains… They aren’t doing your property any favors. But while most of our customers resent rust for the hit it takes to curb appeal, they don’t appreciate how much it can harm the quality of your property.

“Rust” is really iron oxide, which occurs when iron comes into contact with moisture. The chemical reaction locks itself into a range of difference surfaces, creating the giveaway stain while triggering erosion issues.

Property owners will find that rust can crop up almost anywhere. We typically solve rust issues caused by:

  • Metal lawn furniture
  • Malfunctioning irrigation units
  • Leaking air-conditioning systems
  • Fertilizer residue
  • Chronic humidity

Rust is many things: Ugly, damaging, and very difficult to remove. A quick wash and scrub won’t do the trick. If attempted incorrectly, rust removal can have the opposite effect and cause more harm to the affected area. To truly remove rust buildup, you need trained technicians and cleaners specifically designed to get the job done. That’s where Pressure Kleen can step in.

Expert Rust Removal

We call our service “rust removal” for a reason - you won’t find any cover-up fixes here. Our team works tirelessly to authentically remove rust from the affected area, so you don’t have to deal with the deterioration or the eyesore.
Rust can impact a broad spectrum of different surfaces. No matter where stains and buildup have affected your property, our experts are here to help. Just a few of the areas we commonly treat are:

  • Patios and decorative concrete
  • Parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Siding and building exteriors
  • Glass
  • Roofing

The source of your rust issue matters. All of our solutions are customized to address the unique cause of your stain problem, so we can best address the buildup and prevent future growth. Our cleaners pull rust residue from the pores of the affected surface, and we provide post-removal sealant services to protect your property for the long haul. We’ve carefully selected compounds that tackle:

  • Irrigation rust stains
  • Fertilizer rust stains
  • Orange battery acid

An Expert You Can Trust

Since 1940, the Pressure Kleen family has been serving customers in the greater Fayetteville area. We’re proud to be a reliable resource for our community, and we achieve this by making customer service the #1 goal.

When you choose Pressure Kleen, you’re getting benefits like:

  • More than 25 years of industry experience
  • Insurance coverage of up to $2,000,000
  • A professional, licensed, and friendly team
  • Cutting-edge equipment and top quality cleaners
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


From the moment you get your free estimate to the moment our technicians wrap up the job, you’re getting customer service that puts your property’s needs in the forefront.

Great service should be able to fit into your budget. Our affordable rates make it accessible to get a top-of-the-line rust removal solution at a price you can feel confident about.

Pressure Kleen is committed to your satisfaction - and we’ll do everything it takes to get your property looking beautiful and complete rust stain-free.

The Importance of Rust Removal

The need for a rust-free property isn’t just about curb appeal. We always recommend that customers not delay in getting professional attention for stains and buildup, so they can can:

        • Prevent damage
          Rust will - literally - cause your property to erode. If it isn’t removed, the deterioration can create unstable surfaces and create the need for a full blown replacement.
        • Protect a great first impression

          Whether you’re a homeowner or manage a business, rust is one of those instant scars on any property. Our convenient removal service protects your curb appeal and delivers quality that will last
        • Improve environmental health

          Rust can create toxic runoff that can compromise water quality and hurt your landscaping.
        • Lock in quality

          Our service is designed to achieve long-term rust removal solutions. You aren’t getting a ‘quick fix’ - you’re getting a complete result.

Rust is something that your property can do without. Get a permanent solution with the experts at Pressure Kleen!