Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance are an important part of home ownership. Situated on the edge of your roof your gutters are a collection system. They are designed to carry water that is running off your roof to downspouts. Without gutters, the water Gutter Cleaningwould run off your roof in sheets of water. Unfortunately, your gutters also collect debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt. If too much of that debris collects in your gutters, there is nowhere for the water to go and gutter cleaning becomes necessary.

While gutter cleaning may not be high on your priority list if you do not complete it you could end up with far worse problems. Gutters are the first line of defense against erosion of soil around your home foundation. A gutter system is designed to carry water running off your roof to downspouts so it does not saturate the soil next to your house. If this soil is saturated, then you run the risk of getting the foundation wet. A foundation exposed to water can lead to a multitude of problems!

If your gutters are clogged that also means they are too heavy. The fasteners that are used to attach your gutters to your home are not built to withstand the weight of a gutter system full of wet leaves and debris and dirt. When your gutters are too full they start to pull away from your house. If they are not in position to catch rainwater running off the roof, then they are not protecting your foundation. Not to mention that a gutter that has pulled away from the house in an eye sore! If you are thinking of selling your home, gutters that are sagging or out of position could be a deal breaker

At Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service we use special cleaning agents that will make your gutters look new again, both inside and out. Our gutter cleaning service also includes making sure the downspouts are clean and clog free! If you think your gutters could benefit from a professional cleaning call Pressure Kleen at (910) 866-5892

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