Low Pressure vs. High Pressure

Low Pressure Home Cleaning Pressure WashingMany home owners are looking for an easy way to clean the exterior walls of their home. There are plenty of potential cleaning methods, but some of them can actually cause serious damage to a home. Pressure washing is the simplest method for cleaning the walls of your home. However, there are two main types of pressure washing. A low pressure wash is not as powerful as a high pressure wash, but many materials will become damaged by the extreme force of a high pressure wash. It is a common misunderstanding that a high pressure wash should be used for tough stains. Pressure types must be decided based on the material being washed. For instance, a low pressure wash can do wonders for vinyl siding. A high pressure wash may cause the siding to split or become separated from the home itself.

When And Where To Use Low Pressure

Low pressure is often the best choice for a home cleaning. However, this does not mean that high pressure is useless. High pressure works best on tough surfaces, such as concrete. A low pressure wash would not have much of an effect on the concrete of a driveway, but a high pressure wash will remove even the deepest stains. Though high pressure may sound more effective, the walls of a home are not as resilient as concrete. There are many deep cracks that form in concrete. These cracks collect dirt and oil that can be difficult to remove without a high amount of pressure. The materials used for the walls of a home do not have this problem. Even the worst looking stains can be easily removed from the wood or stucco of a home using low pressure.

Understand Your Home And What It Needs

A low pressure wash is more than enough to efficiently remove dirt and mildew from your home. Brick, stucco, vinyl siding and wooden walls can all be treated safely with low pressure. Damaging your home with high pressure will only create more problems. Home repairs can be costly and time consuming. Talk to the friendly professionals at Pressure Kleen about the best solutions for your home. There is no reason to risk your home when a safer alternative is readily available. Call or contact us today to request your home cleaning and pressure washing estimate today!  (910) 886-5892

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