Preparing Your Home For Pressure Washing

Prepare Your Home For Pressure WashingSo you have taken the first step and hired Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service to clean your home, a wise decision since nothing cleans your home exterior deeper and restore that like new appearance the way that professional pressure washing can. In order to ensure that you are prepared for a smooth and enjoyable experience here are a few steps to take beforehand:

1)      Secure all openings around your home, anyplace where water could enter such as doors and windows should be double checked prior to pressure washing.

2)      Any loose or portable items around your home should be secure safely away from the work area. If you are having your driveway or patio pressure washed then this might include items such as grills, patio furniture, garden tools and potted plants. Our Fayetteville Pressure Washing crew will need clearance as they move about your home and our equipment produces a strong stream of water that could damage loose items.

3)      Prior to your pressure washing service please remove any electrical items or extension cords that may be connected to exterior electrical outlets and close the covers on these outlets.

4)      Pressure Washing will produce an overspray of water that might be carrying old paint, dirt and other debris. Vehicles should be park well away from the work area.

Fayetteville NC’s Pressure Washing Experts

Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service provides effective, powerful pressure washing services to residential and commercial customers in the Fayetteville, NC area. Our experts provide stellar service using only the best equipment and cleaners to get your home or business looking great! Our experienced and professional staff wants to get the exterior of your home or business sparkling clean! Don’t let dirt affect the exterior value and curb appeal of your home or business! Call or contact Pressure Kleen today!  (910) 886-5892

Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service also provides:

  • Commercial Power Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning & Staining