What Makes Pressure Washing So Effective?

You see them every day on your way to work or to the store. Trucks pulling a flatbed trailer with a water tank on it, several buckets of detergents and of course hoses. In case you had any doubt, the sign on the side confirms that you are behind a pressure washing contractor. Fayetteville NC Pressure WashingThe proliferation of pressure washing contractors speaks volumes as to how popular pressure washing has become, not just in Fayetteville NC, but across the whole United States. The reason why so many people have their homes or commercial properties pressure washed is simple, it is the most effective way to clean. Let us explain.

The Pressure To Clean

The name pressure washing or power washing is not one of those misnomers. At its core, pressure washing involves cleaning using a high propulsion jet of water directed at a particular surface to root out and wash away all traces of dirt. How much pressure or water speed is used depends on the surface and the type of dirt to be removed. For example, pressure washing embedded dirt off of a concrete driveway will require a different pressure setting than pressure washing vinyl siding to remove a bit of mold. An experienced pressure washing contractor will also have a variety of techniques that can be used to remove dirt without simply “blasting” it away. These techniques ensure that the surface being cleaned won’t be damaged.

Cleans Different Surfaces & Different Types Of Dirt

Commercial pressure washing units have different pressure settings and an experienced pressure washing contractor will not only be familiar with these but also with the different pressure tolerances of different surfaces. This is what gives the pressure washer the flexibility to safely clean surfaces as hard as concrete and stone or as soft as commercial awnings in the same visit. When done by a professional, pressure washing can remove virtually any type of dirt or stain on any surface and restore that clean, like new appearance. Whether you need the exterior of your home or business cleaned pressure washing is the most effective way to a cleaner appearance. Call or contact Pressure Kleen today to request your free estimate. (910) 866-5892.

Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service also provides:

  • Residential Power Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning & Staining