Why Cleaning Gutters is Critical to the Health of Your Property

Why Cleaning Gutters is Critical to the Health of Your PropertyGutter Cleaning WilmingtonGutter systems are placed on homes to siphon moisture from the roof to the ground and into the sewer. This system protects not only the roof, but also the entire structure. However, gutters do get clogged.

The Roof
Clogged gutters allows moisture to build up on the roof. Gravity pulls water down and it will get under and through any opening. Water gets drawn under the shingles and down through the roof, instead of safely through the gutter system. Ceilings, siding and more are damaged when gutters are not properly maintained. Wood exposed to water for any length of time begins to rot.

The Foundation
It may seem strange, but clogged gutters do more than damage the roof. In fact, the number one reason basements end up with water damage is due to clogged gutters. When water on the roof spills out of clogged gutters, instead of funneling to the ground as it should, it builds up around the foundation. This may lead to cracks and weakened footings.

Bug, Plants and More
Pools of water attract insects, bugs and even rodents, such as mice. The pooled water becomes a place for mosquitoes to breed. Birds become pests and plants will settle in and grow in ponds created on the roof or near the foundation.

Whether in Wilmington NC or the areas surrounding the city, gutters need to be regularly checked and cleaned. PressureKleen has the background and experience to clean and maintain your gutters, leaving them clean and looking like new. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.