Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power WashingA beautiful storefront is essential if you want to give your customers an excellent first impression of your store. Pressure Kleen power washers will help ensure your business looks its best every day.

What Will a Power Washer Clean, and Why is it Necessary?

1. Signage

Signs are important because they give consumers an idea of what to expect as a customer and a name to associate with that experience. Similarly, if your storefront signs are covered in filth, customers will be left with a lousy image to relate with your company.

2. Floors

The floor is, perhaps, a customer’s first clue to your sanitation practices, especially if you own a restaurant. Customers want to know that their food will be prepared under safe conditions; grime-filled grout and greasy floors will not convince them.

A dirty floor isn’t just unsanitary though — it’s dangerous. Customers could slip or fall, and might even file a lawsuit. Either way, its not the sort of reputation you’d want for your business.

3. Dumpster Area

While this area might not be at the front of your store, it is likely nearby. Even if garbage is collected often, bacteria is sometimes left behind. Over time, dumpsters will develop an odor that will drive potential customers away.

Why choose Pressure Kleen?

Accept no imitations! Pressure Kleen is a licensed and insured company with 20 years of experience. With specially designed equipment, Pressure Kleen will provide your business with customized service at an affordable price.