Gutter Cleaning For Fall

If your home or business has gutters, fall is the best time to clean them out. The gutters have been accumulating debris all year, but in the fall the debris accumulation increases greatly as trees shed leaves, needles, acorns and other fruit. This debris can join other debris and clog the gutters and the downspouts completely.

Prevent Home Damage

Gutter Cleaning For Fall

Consider that the gutter system moves thousands of gallons of water away from the house and you can imagine what would happen if that system is blocked. Rainwater can not only splash down the house’s exterior walls but get behind them and seep into the foundation. Wet foundations cause their own expensive problems for a homeowner. Standing water caused by clogs is another problem. Not only does it put stress on the gutters, but it’s a superb breeding ground for mosquitoes. If standing water freezes during the winter, the gutter can fall off the house altogether. Debris also causes rust and corrosion, which can also cause the gutters to fail.

Pressure Kleen’s Oustanding Service

Fortunately, you can turn to Pressure Kleen, the power washing service that serves the Lumberton, Wilmington and Fayetteville areas of North Carolina. The professionals at Pressure Kleen will clear out any debris in your gutters, make sure that they’re at the right angle to make sure the water flows properly and check the downspouts to make sure they divert the water well away from the house and foundation. Pressure Kleen will also restore any gutters that have undergone rust or corrosion.

Your gutters need to be cleaned his fall before the cold weather sets in. So call Pressure Kleen at 910-866-5892 or 910-876-1594.