Preventing Roof Damage

When it comes to a roof, preventing damage is one of the biggest concerns for any homeowner. Many roofs have shingles that get dirty and stained over time, with the result being an appearance that’s not too pleasing to the eye. However, many times homeowners decide they can do the job themselves rather than hire a professional, but the results are often less than spectacular. When many homeowners decide to clean their roofs, they break out the power washer and figure using lots of force on the roof will result in a cleaner surface. Unfortunately, what it results in is damaged shingles and a big repair job ahead.

To clean a roof properly, using the services of a business such as Pressure Kleen can not only clean your roof, but extend its life as well. Using pressure washing on a roof can cut 5-10 years off the life of a roof, while letting Pressure Kleen use its “No Pressure” method to remove algae and other fungus can help a rPreventing Roof Damageoof last longer. Using a method approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, Pressure Kleen will back up their roof cleaning methods with a two-year guarantee.

In business to clean, restore and maintain the beauty and value of people’s property, Pressure Kleen is determined to be the best in the business while treating customers with the utmost respect. Offering military discounts to our veterans along with free estimates, Pressure Kleen is a company that’s always ready to respond when duty calls.