Roof Cleaning Notice

Roof Cleaning Wilmington

You take pride in your home, but you may not always have enough time to keep it as polished as you may like.  Cleaning your roof may be one part of spring cleaning that gets ignored due to the hundreds of other commitments you have in your busy life.  Or maybe you’re not the “spring chicken” you once were and have difficulty climbing up the ladder to take care of it yourself.  Having a visibly dirty roof may be more than an aesthetic concern, however.  Dirt and moss may be hiding mildew, and dark patches can be a sign of rot.  Recently, some homeowners’ insurance companies have been dropping clients who have overly dirty roofs, interpreting a dirty roof to be a violation of the terms of the insurance policy.  After all, to a homeowners’ insurance company, any sign of neglect on the part of the homeowner is cause for concern.  A homeowner who neglects even the aesthetic maintenance of his or her home may be neglecting its maintenance in the core areas that matter, setting the insurance company up for an expensive commitment a few years down the road.  Keeping your roof clean should be a priority if it’s something your insurance company considers to be neglect!

You may not have time, but Pressure Kleen Power Washing does.  With our affordable rates and great customer service, your roof will be a contributor— not a detractor– to your home’s beauty in no time!