Use Pressure Kleen To Make Your Convenience Store Sparkle

Commercial Cleaning Wilmington

If you’re a convenience store owner, you know how important it is to have a clean store. Cleanliness attracts customers, and it’s what can make an occasional visitor a regular one. Keeping your store clean year-round is important, and that’s especially true in the busy summer months when you have out-of-town visitors. Tourists who are staying at  nearby hotels are likely to make large purchases in your store, and they want to go someplace that is clean, well-lit and attractive.

Pressure Kleen offers a convenient convenience store cleaning service that is the perfect way to get your property gleaming. We offer guaranteed work that will make your property look brand new. The detergents we use are professional grade and will give your property a deep clean. We also use water heated to 210 degrees. This means the filth and grime that’s brought in by having hundreds or thousands of customers a day will be thoroughly washed away.

Do you have a convenience store that also sells gas and offers oil changes? If you do, you know how grease, antifreeze and oil builds up and makes a property look dirty. Grease and oil can also be dangerous because of how slippery they are. Luckily, we can remove these stains from the concrete and bays and have your property looking brand new in no time.

Whether you need a touch up job or a thorough cleaning, Pressure Kleen can do the work for you. Give us a call today.