Time to Check Those Gutters!

Gutter CleaningGutters typically do not garner much attention that is until something is wrong with them. Your gutters have been working hard all summer channeling all the rain from this season away from the foundation of your home. As we head out of summer and into fall and eventually winter, it is time to do some maintenance on them to make sure that they are ready for what can be a tricky time for your gutter system.

Falling Foliage

Summer thunderstorms often bring strong winds that blow leaves, pine needles and other foliage right off of the surrounding trees and onto your roof. As it rains the foliage hitches a ride on the water down to your gutters. Unfortunately it doesn’t always follow the water and exit out of your gutters. These leaves, twigs and other foliage can accumulate in your gutters during the summer months undetected. As fall descends so do the leaves, in large numbers. Now your gutters, already half clogged from summer really become packed with more and more leaves preventing them from functioning properly. Before you know it winter is here and the weight of ice and two season’s worth of dirt, debris and dead leaves might be enough to separate your gutters from your home, permanently.

Gutter Cleaning And Clog Removal

This scenario doesn’t have to play itself out on your home. By having your gutters cleaned and de-clogged now you can ensure that you gutter system is sound and ready to tackle anything that fall and winter throw at it. At Pressure Kleen Power Washing, we clean the outside and inside of your gutters and downspouts by hand. We can clean away any mold that might be accumulating on the insides and outsides of your gutters too! Having your gutters cleaned today can prevent a costly repair later, if you have not had your gutters professionally cleaned lately then call or contact us today to request your free estimate. (910) 866-5892

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