Don’t Let Your Roof Become Dinner

Sounds odd right? How could your roof become dinner? Well if you live anywhere along the eastern seaboard then your roof has the potential to be visited by a particularly nasty dinner guest called GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA. It is an algae that likes to feed off of limestone. Limestone is a filler used in roof shingles, your roof shingles. Roof CleaningYou may have seen the results it’s work before, long black streaks down the side of a roof. So how likely are you to be visited by this algae? Well by some estimates up to 80% of roofs along the eastern seaboard may be visited by this algae over the next 15 years!

Why It Matters To You

Besides being an eye sore the algae that attack your shingles are actually very destructive. As they consume the limestone filler in your shingles they leave behind empty spaces, gaps in the coverage of your shingles. This allows moisture to enter into the underlying roof. What’s more your shingles also lose the ability to reflect the rays of the sun effectively. This is a double whammy, as moisture then enters your roof from the holes left behind it encounters a warm environment….the perfect breeding ground for mold.

How To Beat The Beast

While GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA is an aggressive feeder your roof doesn’t have to fall victim to it’s appetite. Having your roof professionally cleaned is a great way to eradicate any unwelcome visitors. No only does a professional cleaning clear away any traces of this algae but by keeping your shingles in tip top condition you can actually extend the life of your roof.

Clean Your Roof The No Pressure Way

Your roof should never be cleaned by high pressure, this can do more damage to your roof than the algae itself. At Pressure Kleen we use a “No Pressure” method, to kill and remove the algae, that is approved by ARMA the “Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association”.  We also back our roof cleaning up with a 2 year Guarantee! Give us a call or contact us to request your free estimate! (910) 886-5892


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