Pressure Kleen Gum Powerwashing

Gum-Commercial Cleaning

Living in a city means living near lots of people. Lots of people means lots of foot traffic, and can also sometimes mean gum on the sidewalk outside of your business. When someone spits or drops gum on the sidewalk, that gum can stay there for years, building up all manner of dirt, germs and…

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Protecting The Roof Over Your Head

When it comes to the health of your home, the condition of your roof should be a top priority for you. After all, very few things have as much of an impact on the worth and curb-appeal of your home than the condition of the roof. When your roof is in disrepair, it will obviously…

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Don’t Let Your Roof Become Dinner

Sounds odd right? How could your roof become dinner? Well if you live anywhere along the eastern seaboard then your roof has the potential to be visited by a particularly nasty dinner guest called GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA. It is an algae that likes to feed off of limestone. Limestone is a filler used in roof shingles,…

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